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Spring NEBAS registration opens Feb 1!

Posted by NEBAS League at Jan 31, 2024 6:33PM PST

Spring NEBAS registration will open Thursday, February 1st. Last day to register is Friday, March 15th.

We have decided to use a new site for registration. The paper team commitment form created many issues as you can imagine with respect to correct emails and cell numbers and whether teams were committed to playing. We hope this new registration method will improve the whole process.

Please take two minutes to read the instructions below. We are asking the town presidents to forward this to their respective coaches and have the coaches register their teams when committed to play. A town liaison can also register all the teams if they choose to do so.

Here is the registration link for NEBAS:

1. Register and create a username and password with Sports Connect. Validate your username and password. (If you already have a Sports Connet account, log in with your username and password.)

2. Click on REGISTRATIONAVAILABLE PROGRAMS. You should see all of the divisions with the explanation of the ranking system.

3. Choose the age group you would like to register your team for. Please note 11u has a 50×70 and 46×60 division.

4. Select “Register Myself”.

5. Select “Volunteer or Team Staff”.

6. Fill out information on your team. The team name should be the town name. If you know your town has more than one team at a given age group, please include your last name after town. (i.e. Closter-Smith)

7. Completion of the registration form takes you to the payment page. We have several payment options:

  • Via Credit Card thru Sports connect, instant registration
  • Via Venmo (@NEBAS-League), we will process registration manually once payment is received
  • Via Check, make payable to- NEBAS 2023 LLC, we will process registration manually once payment is received

Note: If paying by Venmo or check, you will be registered but the team will remain in your shopping cart until manually converted by the league upon payment. For Venmo and check payments, please put Town/Team Name & Age Group/s in the note field so we may cross reference.

Mail Checks to:
P.O. Box 23
300 St. Nicholas Avenue,
Haworth, NJ 07641

Deadline to pay is March 15th, the last date of registration, so that we have confirmations and drop outs will be reduced.

Rosters will not be due until April. You will be able to upload rosters and to contact your team through Sports Connect if you want.

Additional instruction and images are also on the site to walk you through registration.

Please add to your contact list to ensure you will be receiving emails from us.

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please email us at

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Spring and Summer NEBAS

Posted by NEBAS League at Jan 24, 2024 12:08PM PST

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Time to start thinking about Spring and Summer baseball. We have received many emails as to when registration will open. Please forward to your coaches.

Spring Nebas
Registration will open on February 1st.
Registration will close on March 15th.

Spring Nebas – 8 game season
Starts Sunday April 7th.
Regular season will end May 29th (Wednesday after Memorial Day so have two extra days for makeup games).
Top 6 teams per division will make the playoffs.
Sunday league – unless both coaches agree the games need to be played on Sunday.
Divisions – 7/8u kid pitch, 7/8u coach pitch, 8u, 9u, 10u, 12u (50×70) and 13U.
We believe for 11u we will have a 46×60 and 50×70 division. After getting feedback we believe we have interest for both. Please email us thoughts on this?

Summer Nebas – there has been discussion from the LL District committee that LL will look to use an 8 game league rather than a double elimination bracket to determine district champions. At this point we do not have a final answer as to what route they are taking. That being said we have no connection to the district tourney but understand that towns would not be able to play in both neabs and districts. As of now Nebas will run our regular 10 game summer league which consists of 2 games per week running from the middle of June ending August 2. Once decisions are made from the LL end we may revaluate but as of now we are not changing our structure of the summer league. More info on summer will be released shortly but some coaches have already asked what days during the week do certain ages play? That info is on our website and will remain the same.

Any questions or concerns please email the board at

Thank you and have a great day.

Nebas Board

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2023 Fall NEBAS Playoffs Reminders and Info

Posted by NEBAS League at Nov 1, 2023 5:02AM PDT

As the fall season comes to an end, here are a couple of reminders:

The regular season ends Wednesday, November 1st. All games must be reported that night and playoff brackets will be released on Thursday morning. If the scores are unreported, they will go in as unplayed games. Only ONE forfeit per team so a team cannot ask for multiple forfeits.

Playoff Format

We will have a bracket-style playoff (1v8, 2v7 etc…). Seeds are determined by a points system. In the event of a tie in points, head-to-head competition will be the first determining factor used. If more than two teams are tied, we will then determine seedings by the Point system. (Please refer to Rules under Tie-Breaking Rules)

Top 6 teams for the following divisions will make the playoffs, with top 2 teams receiving byes in the first round:

  • 8u American
  • 13u

All 7 teams make the playoffs for 11u National

Top 8 teams for the following divisions will make the playoffs:

  • 8u National
  • 9u American/National
  • 10u American/National
  • 11u American
  • 12u (57×70)
    (The 9 and 10-seeded teams have the option to play a consolation game that should be played during the first week of the playoffs and agreed upon by both teams)

Dates / Locations of Playoffs

All rounds of playoffs are played at the higher seeded town’s fields.

First round of the playoffs is to be played by Monday, November 6th. Scores must be reported Monday night, November 6th. If teams cannot agree on a date, the game must be played on Sunday, November 5th. Please cooperate with each other in scheduling these playoff games. For inclement weather the expectation is that the game will be played on the next day.

Umpire Fees

Teams split the fees for the umpires for all rounds of the playoffs except for the finals.
For the first round of the playoff, the home team will request the umps but the cost will be split.

Semifinals and Championship Games

NEBAS will be assigning and sending umpires. The higher seeded team needs to confirm with their opponent when and where the game is so NEBAS can line up the umpires.

IMPORTANT: Higher seeded team needs to submit the Playoffs Game Info Details Form as soon as you have determined the date/time of the semifinals/championship games.

Submitting game results for Playoffs

Please submit playoff results and pitchers info via Report GamesResults – Fall NEBAS. Game results will be posted on the 2023 Fall NEBAS Playoffs Bracket.

1st and 2nd placed teams will be awarded town and team trophies.

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Posted by NEBAS Admin at Sep 5, 2023 4:23AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Good luck with the fall season!! Reminder the season will run through October 29. For the divisions where teams have a bye, there is an extra game scheduled for Oct 31. Please schedule and play those games during the regular season and not wait until the end of October. With the expansion of playoffs, we cannot extend the regular season into November.

Submit your game results promptly! Winning team – use the Report Game Results Form to submit scores/pitchers. If game is tied, Home team needs to submit the form.

Please email the board at with any issues or general updates as to how the season is going.

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Posted by NEBAS League at Jul 31, 2023 5:47AM PDT

Dear Coaches and town representatives,

As we open fall registration, we would like to first take this opportunity to thank Jim Oettinger for his decades of service to the NEBAS League. Without Jim’s hard work and dedication to the game, this great league would not be in existence. We also would like to take the time to introduce ourselves as we move forward in this transition. The NEBAS league will be run by Anthony Austria, Steve Bottieri and Mike Fanelli. The three of us are coaches who currently have children playing in the NEBAS league. As we move through this transition we will look to make some minor changes to the league that we hope will enhance the experience for both the players and coaches.

The website will continue to be used. If you have any questions or need to contact us, our new email address is

FALL 2023

League format

  • We will offer divisions at 7/8u coach pitch, 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u kid pitch, 12u (46×60 and 50×70) and 13u (50×70 fall only and 60 × 90).
  • The 7 game regular season (8 games guaranteed) will include an expanded playoff bracket with up to 8 teams making the playoffs, will run from Sept 10th through October 22th. Playoffs will begin the weekend of Oct 29th with Championship Games occurring on November 12.
  • We will remain a Sunday League, but all coaches should work together to play the games at mutually convenient times.
  • For the fall season, your team moves up one age group. So if you played 9u for the summer your team will be Fall 10u. We are not changing any of the age requirements.


  • Registration opens on August 1 and closes on August 29th. The town commitment form and payment must be received by August 29th. The Fall 2023 Season Town Commitment Form is under Documents.
  • Payment will be $275 for all age groups. Payment can be made by check, credit card or paypal or venmo. All instructions are listed on the town commitment form.

Fall 2023 Rule Changes
The new commissioners look forward to hearing from the coaches throughout the fall season on suggestions and rule changes for the spring. We will implement the following for the fall season:

  • Expanded playoff bracket with up to 8 teams making the playoffs. If a division has more than 8 teams a consolation game will set up between those teams not making the playoffs.
  • Elimination of innings pitched per game and replacing the innings pitched to outs per game.
  • Creation of the evaluation system to grade your team based on the number of competitive pitchers on your roster. The goal is to have a competitive league where all the games are close. While this system may not be perfect we strive to create divisions where all the teams are matched equally.

Updated Rules will be available by the end of August.