2023 Spring NEBAS

Posted by NEBAS League on Jan 23 2023 at 04:44AM PST in 2022 Fall

Folks, here is information about Spring and Summer NEBAS.

First off, we are very proud and happy to announce that Closter will be the host of 2023 Summer NEBAS. Closter will be sending out information in late February for the summer season which will start tentatively on Monday, June 12th. Any town interested in hosting Summer NEBAS this year or in future years, please email Jim Oettinger ASAP

NEW this year. We will be offering a 12U 50×70 division along with a 12U 46×60 division.

The Spring NEBAS league is set up for games to be played ON Sundays, unless both teams agree amicably to move the game to another day. The spring season will consist of 8 regular season games played on Sundays starting on Sunday, April 2nd through Sunday, May 28th. There will be no game played on Easter, Sunday, April 9th. Right around that time is spring break with many towns having different weeks off from school. A game will be scheduled to be played there with the expectation that some towns won’t have enough kids to play due to vacations. The last game of the regular season will be over Memorial Day weekend. Again, games will be scheduled there but we are asking all towns to work with each other and get these games in on a mutually agreed upon day.

Game times on the schedule will ALL be posted on the website (last week of March) as TBA on Sundays and home teams will be responsible for scheduling the actual game time with their opponents.

Playoffs for the top four teams in each division will be on Sunday June 4th and 11th. Top two teams get individual and team trophies.

Summer NEBAS season starts the week of June 12th. Please see tab for NEBAS Game Days for Summer on the NEBAS website (

Spring NEBAS registration is open NOW for anyone wishing to MAIL IN payments or pay by credit. Regardless of whether you are paying by check or credit card, we NEED the TOWN COMMITMENT FORM to be emailed back in Excel as we use the information on the form to set up the season for grouping similar level teams, scheduling, and coaches contact lists. The Town Commitment Form can be found under Documents.

1) Registration deadline for Spring NEBAS League is Wednesday, March 15th.

2) Fill out the Town Commitment Form and Roster Form under Documents – “2023 Spring NEBAS Forms” and email both forms as soon as possible to Jim Oettinger at

  • IMPORTANT: REGISTER YOUR TEAMS CORRECTLY. Enter teams at the correct age level. We will be following the Williamsport age cut offs. Check the Player Eligibility tab for age requirements for each level.
  • Please note when grading your teams on the Town Commitment Form, we have changed the process. There are now only two options. “Weak/Average”, or “Strong/Average”. PLEASE grade your team appropriately. This should alleviate teams being placed in the wrong divisions playing against the wrong competition.

3) Payment: Please send in the Town Commitment Form and league fee of $125 per team no later than Wednesday, March 15th.

  • If paying by check, PLEASE (1) email the Town Commitment Form asap to and (2) mail form again with the fee payable to “Closter Recreation”, P.O. Box 143, Closter, NJ 07624.
  • Credit card payment is available on the site. Click “Credit Card Payment” on the NEBAS website (

We will be offering the following levels:
• 8u coach pitch
• 8u kids pitch
• 9u
• 10u
• 11u
• 12u 46×60
• 12u 50×70
• 13u 60×90
• 14u 60×90

All 8u-12u levels are played on 46×60 fields. New this year is 50×70 for 12u.

Historically, we do NOT have enough teams to offer 9/10u intermediate or 11/12u intermediate, so any combination level teams would be placed at the higher level, IE, you enter a team of 11 and 12u players, they would play in the 12u level.

Please see Player Eligibility tab.

Towns that have players available but no team to enter can sign up these players on the Free Agents-Spring NEBAS tab on the NEBAS website (

Each team will have 4 home and 4 away games. The home team will supply and pay for umpires for their home games. For the spring, we recommend one umpire for 8u kids pitch-12u 46×60, and 2 umpires for 12u 50×70, 13u and 14u.
The NEBAS board will send umpires to the semi-final and final playoff games, but both teams will split the fees for the umpire on the field.

Rules for SPRING NEBAS will be posted in early March for everyone’s review. There will NO pre-season meeting, but everyone will receive all information via email prior to the season.

Any questions, please send us an email. PLEASE feel free to share this email with other towns AND if you are not the travel baseball contact person any more, PLEASE send this to them but let us know who has replaced you in this capacity.

Thank you,
Jim O
cell 201-625-2063