Important notice regarding playoffs

Posted by NEBAS Admin on Jul 16 2023 at 06:05AM PDT in 2023 Summer

ANY Team playing make up games on or before Weds 7/19, MUST send in the game results within 2 hours of the games completion on 7/19 OR the results might not count for the playoff seedings.

The league will NOT be extended past Weds 7/19 even if it rains every day and no further games take place.

Here is the format for the Summer NEBAS playoffs
8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u 46×60*
top 6 teams in each division make the playoffs
Top two teams receive byes in the first round

*12u 46×60 is a single division but this season there are only 6 teams so all teams make the playoffs, normally it would be 8 top top teams.

12u 50×70 top 8 teams make the playoffs

First round of all playoffs must be played Friday 7/21 (unless both teams agree to play earlier if possible OR on Saturday/Sunday 7/22, 7/23 (games of rest available for both teams pitchers)

All rounds of playoffs up until the FINALS are played at the higher seeded towns fields. ON the given night of regular season play** unless both teams agree otherwise AND It is approved by the NEBAS Board.

**8u will play on Monday and Weds, NOT Weds and Friday

8u, 10u, 12u 46×60 Monday & Weds
9u, 11u, 12u 50×70 Tuesday & Thursday

Teams split the fees for the umpires for all rounds of the playoffs except for the finals.

The NEBAS board will send umpires to all games AFTER the first round. (the home team is responsible for lining up umpires for the games to be played on 7/21).

Game info for the semi finals MUST be given to the NEBAS commissioner and league director by Saturday at 7/22 at 12 noon.

As per league rules, ALL teams must be ready and able to play on any given day determined by the NEBAS board.

ALL Playoff teams MUST turn in their playoff announcing form by Weds 7/19 at 12noon OR they will NOT receive a plate on the town team trophy should they advance to the finals the following week. (THIS IS URGENT AND BINDING) the form is this email and posted on the NEBAS site.

If you have any questions please reach out to the league level commissioner and Jim Oettinger for clarifications


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