2023 Fall NEBAS Playoffs Reminders and Info

Posted by NEBAS League on Nov 01 2023 at 05:02AM PDT in 2023 Fall

As the fall season comes to an end, here are a couple of reminders:

The regular season ends Wednesday, November 1st. All games must be reported that night and playoff brackets will be released on Thursday morning. If the scores are unreported, they will go in as unplayed games. Only ONE forfeit per team so a team cannot ask for multiple forfeits.

Playoff Format

We will have a bracket-style playoff (1v8, 2v7 etc…). Seeds are determined by a points system. In the event of a tie in points, head-to-head competition will be the first determining factor used. If more than two teams are tied, we will then determine seedings by the Point system. (Please refer to Rules under Tie-Breaking Rules)

Top 6 teams for the following divisions will make the playoffs, with top 2 teams receiving byes in the first round:

  • 8u American
  • 13u

All 7 teams make the playoffs for 11u National

Top 8 teams for the following divisions will make the playoffs:

  • 8u National
  • 9u American/National
  • 10u American/National
  • 11u American
  • 12u (57×70)
    (The 9 and 10-seeded teams have the option to play a consolation game that should be played during the first week of the playoffs and agreed upon by both teams)

Dates / Locations of Playoffs

All rounds of playoffs are played at the higher seeded town’s fields.

First round of the playoffs is to be played by Monday, November 6th. Scores must be reported Monday night, November 6th. If teams cannot agree on a date, the game must be played on Sunday, November 5th. Please cooperate with each other in scheduling these playoff games. For inclement weather the expectation is that the game will be played on the next day.

Umpire Fees

Teams split the fees for the umpires for all rounds of the playoffs except for the finals.
For the first round of the playoff, the home team will request the umps but the cost will be split.

Semifinals and Championship Games

NEBAS will be assigning and sending umpires. The higher seeded team needs to confirm with their opponent when and where the game is so NEBAS can line up the umpires.

IMPORTANT: Higher seeded team needs to submit the Playoffs Game Info Details Form as soon as you have determined the date/time of the semifinals/championship games.

Submitting game results for Playoffs

Please submit playoff results and pitchers info via Report GamesResults – Fall NEBAS. Game results will be posted on the 2023 Fall NEBAS Playoffs Bracket.

1st and 2nd placed teams will be awarded town and team trophies.